Photo of the Snowbird Mountains at dawn, Graham County, North Carolina (October 26, 2005)



Incipit for Notturno for Harp (1980)


Incipit for Epigram (1980)


Incipits for Fantasy-Suite for Solo Viola (1980)


Incipit for Fanfare (1981)


Incipits for Fantasy-Suite for Tuba and Percussion (1981)


Incipits for String Quartet No. 2 (1981)


Incipits for Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1982)

 Concerto for Piano, 1st movement

Incipit for Concertino for Eleven Saxophones (1982)


Incipits for Fantasy-Suite for Alto Saxophone (1982)


Incipits for Rhapsody for Guitar (1982)


Incipits for Four Songs from Peacock Pie (1983)


Incipits for Variations on a Summer Day (1983)


Incipits for Divertimento:  Amantium Irae, for Oboe and Violin (1983)


Incipit for Overture to a Comedy (1983)

 Overture to a Comedy

Incipit for Anemone (1983)


Incipits for Capricci Concertati (1984)


Incipit for Praeludium: In Memoriam Roger Sessions (1985)


Incipits for Chamber Concertino for Piano and Double Wind Quintet (1985)


Incipits for Chamber Concerto for English Horn (1986)


Incipits for Trio Concertante for Clarinet, Violin, and Percussion (1987)


Incipits for Variations on “Branchwater,” for Guitar and Orchestra (1987)

 Variations on "Branchwater," for Guitar and Orchestra: Theme    Variations on "Branchwater," for Guitar and Orchestra: Variation 3

Incipit for Capriccio Concertante for Alto Saxophone and Band (1987)


Incipits for Concerto for Oboe d´Amore and String Orchestra (1988)

   Concerto for Oboe d´Amore, 3rd movement

Incipits for Seven Bagatelles for Flute and Oboe (1989)


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Banner photo: Snowbird Mountains at dawn, Graham County, North Carolina (October 26, 2005)
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